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Change-makers, that’s who the Inclusion Foundation are.
In a world where inclusion can at times remain a buzzword, they’re bringing it to life, specifically for our friends with Down syndrome.
humanIT is thrilled to be working with the Inclusion Foundation. Our partnership will focus on empowering the team with leading technology, insights, and modern ways of working to accelerate the Inclusion Foundation vision:
An inclusive world where people with Down syndrome are equal, active, and respected members of society.
Emotion21: Not just a dance or fitness program, Emotion21 is a transformative blend of evidence-based wellness, designed uniquely for those with Down syndrome.
Learn more about Emotion21.
Impact21: Beyond the clichéd employment initiatives, Impact21 is about forging real, meaningful connections between employers and young adults with Down syndrome. Matching passions with purpose.
Learn more about Impact21.
Welcome aboard, Inclusion Foundation. Here’s to an inclusive future – count us in!

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