humanIT works with businesses...

and organisations within the social sector. Being an IT consulting company supporting non profits, our focus is on developing strong IT strategies and infrastructure that enables our clients to leverage technology to their advantage, reducing operational costs and becoming more competitive.

We use our IT governance framework, alignIT, paired with our manageIT service and project management to help our clients achieve greater social impact and reach more people who require their services.

Meet the team.


Our Company

humanIT has been operating in Australia since 2001. Established by our two directors Ian Patterson and George Liacos, we take great pride in our ability to help organisations create social impact by providing a tailored, approachable service that our clients can depend on.

Our team currently consists of staff members who come from diverse IT backgrounds, specialising in different areas of IT strategy, technology design and implementation, and technical support services. We also have a number of long-term interstate partnerships that enables us to deliver our services nationally.

Our Purpose

We believe that NFPs and social enterprises need more than just technology advice and support to maximise their impact.

Rather, they need:

  • Targeted and practical IT strategies that are aligned with their purpose
  • Someone to partner with and help them bring these strategies to life
  • IT support that goes beyond resolving technical issues, focusing instead on increasing their team’s ability to use technology effectively
  • Best practice IT management to keep their IT performing the way it should
  • Help to measure their results and understand where to invest in next to further increase their impact


At humanIT, it is our purpose to ensure that NFPs and the social sector have access to this level of service, enabling them to grow and increase their reach.