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who we are

For-purpose organisations are the vehicle to solve global challenges, creating a better world in which every person can live the life of their choice, and every community can thrive.

We proactively partner with for-purpose organisations to support their sustainable growth by empowering them with leading technology, insights, and modern ways of working to amplify their reach and impact.

Our highest priority is working with you to achieve your business objectives in an integrated and sustainable way, in a partnership which dynamically adapts to your strategic priorities, aligns to your context and empowers your people. Our ambition is to help remove anything that stands between your organisation, and greater impact.

Program Manager

Stephanie Lindner

Stephanie excels at operationalisation and stakeholder engagement, possessing the ability to advocate for and collaborate with people at all levels of an organisation. She is skilled at drawing together strategy, policy, governance, values, and people into work outcomes that are tangible and impactful. Her unique capability has been honed across diverse professional contexts over 20 years - international music performance, administration, corporate services within government, diplomacy, executive assistance (in finance media, UX/digital, and family law), and program management in the Pacific.
Solutions Architect

John Smolenaers

John is a Solutions Architect with humanIT and has over 20 years' experience in providing IT services including architecture design, project leadership, and project execution services across a broad range of industry technologies.
Enterprise Architect

Andy Barker

Andy is an Enterprise Architect, innovative business technology strategist and strategic advisor with over 25 years of experience leading teams, directing projects, and transforming business engagement across a wide variety of industries and environments. He has played significant roles in the effective design and execution of strategic partnerships, business technology architectures, digital platform enablement and organisational transformation.

He’s a systems thinker with an understanding of business processes, existing platforms, and emerging technologies – these skills enable him to co-design best-fit solutions delivering maximum business value.

Linda Hoskins humanIT
Senior Business Analyst

Linda Hoskins

Intuitively discerning, incisive, clear, focused.

Linda is an experienced leader and consultant, a highly skilled business analyst, project manager, and client ally.

At the heart of Linda’s work is people. Across all aspects of her diverse professional experience, Linda is driven by achieving better outcomes for the broader community, clients, and peers, and she works towards those outcomes in an inclusive, open-minded, practical way.

As a business analyst, Linda is laser focused on what the business needs, she draws energy from getting the right things done efficiently and effectively, her judgement avoiding wasted time and resources. Linda possesses expansive technical knowledge, everyday industry knowhow, and emotional intelligence enabling her to right-fit tech and really make it work for people, which is its true purpose.

Underpinning everything is Linda’s values. She has a demonstrable history of giving back to society across sectors including local government, affordable housing, health, and the arts. She is philosophically drawn to working in the for-purpose sector, offering her formidable skillset towards achieving a better life for people.

Technology Strategist

Ian Patterson

Ian is the founder of humanIT and has over 22 years’ experience providing consulting services to both large and growing businesses in the development of technology strategy and alignment of IT services with company objectives. Ian is passionate about unlocking the potential of technology, enabling purpose driven organisations to solve our global social and environmental challenges.