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The Microsoft Cloud is an accessible toolkit that supports a genuine pathway towards achievable whole-of-organisation transformation; a comprehensive set of integrated services that allows organisations to do more with less.

Most of the products are industry leaders in their respective category. When combined, they provide quicker pathways to rapid solutions for typical business needs in a fraction of the time, leading to greater productivity at reduced cost.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Microsoft have made significant investment and are committed to supporting social impact through their generous grant & discount programs along with their active participation in the NFP Common Data Model community to accelerate collaboration and impact. They have also contributed to open-source NFP and industry-based projects along with releasing specific NFP focused solutions that significantly accelerate the implementation of common and advanced capabilities, including:

  • Fundraising & Engagement
  • NFP Common Data Model
  • Industry CDM/Accelerators
  • NFP Accelerator – Power Platform
  • NFP Reporting Resources
  • NFP Hub – Training & Resources
Microsoft Cloud for NFPs

humanIT help you navigate and maximise the NFP benefits offered by Microsoft, including:

  • 10 Free M365 Premium
  • Free D365 Fundraising & Engagement
  • $2,000 (USD) Azure credit per year

We also help you make sense of and implement readily available products and services you may be unaware of within the Microsoft Cloud, often within your existing licensing.

By placing the focus on helping resolve barriers to impact rather than executing an IT project, we help you do what’s essential for your business right now while also building your future state.