humanIT recently had the pleasure of working with the
Foundation For Young Australians (FYA) again


Partnering with FYA, we helped them audit their existing data architecture and security as part of recent changes to privacy laws with regard to data breach notifications. humanIT also previously worked with FYA to review their IT systems and infrastructure and roll out a new strategy based on our alignIT framework.


Wintringham Aged Care


Wintringham Aged Care are an amazing not-for-profit organisation who support elderly homeless men and women. We worked with Wintringham to assist them in moving their organisation’s data into a cloud-based system and we continue to work with the organisation to provide strategy and guidance for how they can best use technology to grow their organisation.


Hitnet and Digital Inclusion for Indigenous Australians


Hitnet works to co-create help and social information which is distributed through a national digital platform of internet hubs. Their mission is to increase digital inclusion, and humanIT assists them by managing the 70+ hubs or sites – ensuring that the hubs are operation and that the network has more up-time and is therefore more functional.


Children’s Ground


Children’s Ground is national non-government organisation that works with first nation communities. When humanIT first started working with them, they had a number of different systems in place that were not integrated with each other – we came on board essentially as alternative to an in-house Chief Information Officer, using our alignIT framework to help them operate more effectively.