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Case Study - Wintringham Aged Care

Video Transcript:

My name is Michael De Schepper. I’m the Chief Financial Officer at Wintringham and I’ve been at the organisation since 2008.

Wintringham is an independent, non for profit organisation to support elderly, homeless men and women. Wintringham have a model of care which we call a Home Until Stumps, providing services to over 2,000 men and women every night. We provide housing support right through to residential aged care.

Every dollar we have is focused towards how we can improve the lives of our clients. As we’ve grown exponentially over the years, we’ve realised with humanIT that our in house expertise just wasn’t sufficient to allow our organisation to operate efficiently. But also operate in a manner where our risks were mitigated and well managed.

Through some initial meetings with humanIT and understanding what they were about, and giving humanIT the opportunity to understand what we were about, we saw that we were a good fit. The implementation process of moving our entire data into the cloud, it was an exercise which was fraught with quite a bit of danger.

Had we done it wrong, it would have impacted our organisation and potentially impacted it significantly. So for us to have humanIT provide that expertise, uh, was really a catalyst for the success of that project.

I feel that humanIT are very cognizant of understanding the challenges that we have as an organisation, but also giving us sound advice around where risk exists. I see them as a true business partner and an organisation that we can rely upon. They’ve helped us de risk and they’re now helping us to use IT to enhance our business.

I think without having humanIT being part of that plan and being a partner through that process, we would not be where we are now, and the organisation would be the worst for it.