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Case Study - WEstjustice

WEstjustice, a community legal center in Melbourne’s western suburbs, faced challenges with their outdated digital system just before the COVID-19 pandemic. Their goal was to create a positive, efficient, and integrated work environment for their staff. They partnered with humanIT, using Crayon tech and Microsoft technology for social impact to revamp their IT infrastructure.

This transformation not only made their work more efficient but also improved staff satisfaction. It allowed them to better connect with their community and enhance their services, thanks to the support of the William Buckland Foundation, showcasing the transformative impact of this collaboration.

Video Transcript:

WEstjustice is a community legal centre focusing on human rights in the western suburbs. We provide legal information, legal education and legal services but we also offer the same with regard to financial services and we’re broadening our reach with social work. We deliver our services in a integrated, holistic manner.

WEstjustice are without a doubt the best placed organisation to understand the social injustices in Melbourne’s West. They are full of employees who are passionate about solving those problems. I’m one of the program managers in the Youth Law program here at WEstjustice. We go out to four different schools and provide a legal service at the school for the students.

Just before COVID hit, we were experiencing some significant challenges in maintaining and updating our digital system and we had a fairly antiquated setup. I could never do it through remote desktop. It was too slow. I would click the button and it would take seconds. The brief was quite simple. When our staff open up their computers, we want them to feel happy.

We want them to feel positive and not have that dread that they’re experiencing before and humanIT really understood that. Then COVID hit. They needed to move away from this non integrated, clunky, and very difficult technology platform that fundamentally just wasn’t serving their organisation well at all.

The solution was creating a strategy. That was going to map out stage implementation and engaging humanIT was critical to leading us through that process. So they were our provider with Crayon and we were able to purchase the products that we needed to set up the systems. But also have humanIT as our consultants the whole way through.

Crayon tech for good, Microsoft technology for social impact and humanIT all have a collective mission around helping organisations deliver more and better impact. High functioning systems is really important because it enables us to do our work much more efficiently. It’s also much better for our staff.

Because they can come into the office and get access to the same sort of services and equipment that you would get in a for profit sector. This IT transformation has been a game changer. It has completely shifted the way we work as a legal service and made life so much easier. It gives us an opportunity to feel more connected and more progressive as an organisation.

They also have had an uplift in staff satisfaction with technology. It makes my job as a lawyer so much easier. Everything just works so well together. They also have a number of new ways of working, which is driving the ability to reach more people, they can deliver services to, as well as increase the effectiveness of those particular services.

William Buckland Foundation provided WEstjustice with the opportunity to work with human IT in a way that creates a level of impact that’s transformative.