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Case Study - Hitnet

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Julie Gibson. I’m the CEO and co founder of Hitnet.

Hitnet works to co create health and social information, and we distribute it through a national digital platform of Hitnet hubs. In Australia at the moment there are about 3 million people that are digitally excluded and we see digital inclusion being all about social inclusion.

As our business grew and as our network grew, it became evident that we couldn’t manage it internally. It’s about managing the network of 70 HitNet hubs that are spread out across Australia. We needed to bring some experts in to help us with this. We see humanIT as really being a crucial part of our business.

Suman, who does that work from human IT, has been really great at establishing relationships with these different sites. That means it frees up my time and my team’s time to be doing other things and the things that we need to be doing and so that has a huge impact working with human, it has changed the way Hitnet operates.

It means that we can provide better customer service. It means that the hubs are operational, our network has greater uptime and is more functional. You can see the impact quite profoundly.

For us, humanIT are an essential part of the Hitnet family. I feel like I can sleep at night now because I know that humanIT are there looking after this side of the business.