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Case Study - Children's Ground

Video Transcript:

Children’s Ground is a national non government organisation. We work with First Nations communities. The biggest social justice issue this country faces. The disruption and opportunities that are associated with the IT revolution are just… profound. The entire world, every system is facing massive disruption.

Every system is at threat of their Kodak moment. Part of our thinking, bringing human IT in, was to give us this opportunity and the space to try and think deeply about what the implications of the digital disruption could have for our work. We had just grown up a higgledy piggledy range of systems. We had a bit of Xero happening over there.

We had a bit of a CRM. We were just in chaos. What we didn’t have the resources for was a Chief Information Officer. So we saw bringing in human IT as effectively, brokering in a CIO function. The process of working with human IT, they bring to bear a framework. that is genuinely sophisticated and thorough.

We ourselves, for the first time as an organisation, had a way of understanding IT. If you do actually want to be effective in what you do, I understand so much better now, so thoroughly, that an investment in IT is not an expense as an investment. It’s just fundamental to be achieving those outcomes. What this is all about is bringing together the needs of non government organisations.

And the best of breed thinking, um, and capacity around IT. And in human IT, that’s what we achieved. Had we not engaged human IT, I fear that we would have continued to have muddled along until things fell over. The reality of our experience is that all of the human IT team are just delightful, professional, lovely people to work with and we enjoyed it very much.

The reason why I would recommend human IT is that you just have an organisation that has a genuine affinity for the nature of the non government sector. In addition to a very deep and thorough grasp and understanding of IT. Through the proper utilisation of these extraordinary. Noughts and ones that IT actually boils down to.

You make good use of those noughts and ones, you really can make your organisation so much stronger.