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Understanding the pros and cons of onsite versus remote IT support, and which service will suit your organisation the best can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that you are receiving the level of support that you require so that your team can work efficiently, but you also don’t want to be over-paying for a service that you don’t actually use that often. As a provider of managed IT services in Melbourne, humanIT has overseen the switch from conventional onsite support to managed services, as well as the change from solely remote IT support to our mixed on and off-site managed services We’re sharing a few of the reasons our clients have made the switch, and give some pointers as to what style of support might suit your organisation the best.

Onsite IT Support:

Onsite IT support is increasingly being phased out except for larger organisations, but there’s certainly value in it. Onsite IT support is great for instant support and familiarity with a team’s problems. They work hard to develop long-term solutions for your team so they have an easier workload. They feel part of the team and develop relationships with other organisation members to make training and support easier. They also have a thorough understanding of your set-up and you get the benefit of working with the same person all the time – not a new person every time.

Onsite IT support comes at a cost, but with a dedicated person or team standing by, performing hardware upgrades becomes much easier, plus you get instant support during business hours. Dedicated onsite IT support is still a fantastic option for larger organisations, where the scope of work is so extensive that the costs of a dedicated team of specialised technicians proves cost-efficient.

Remote IT Support:

Remote IT Support has in years past been considered a cost-cutting measure with no real benefits for frontline team members. As technology has improved, however, remote IT support is proving a vital way to save costs and provide support at more convenient times for staff members. Whether it’s training on software at specific times or performing scheduled maintenance on specific machines, remote IT support’s capabilities have expanded to almost replace the necessity of onsite support.

Another one of the upsides of remote IT support is the greater specialisation of support team, though this isn’t true for all providers. Remote IT support teams are often larger and can hire employees with specialist backgrounds in fields like data security, system design and setup, server configuration, software design and more. Contrast this with an IT support team, who is often just a single person for most organisations, who cost much more and often have generalised knowledge to solve the most common problems.

Remote IT support has also allowed for innovations like better private intranet portals for training and support tickets. Having a team that you can rely on for instant support with video conferencing and screen sharing is great, but having dedicated FAQs and training systems is an added bonus for onboarding new volunteers and staff, especially in the non-profit sector.
With the increased versatility of products like Microsoft Office 365, we can increasingly conduct training and support remotely, plus perform scheduled upgrades across your complete fleet of equipment. Remote IT support administrators can even disable access to remote devices via Office 365 software in the event of theft or loss. With that said, it’s vitally important to still have a team available to perform onsite IT repairs and support when necessary.

The best of both worlds:

Unlike other remote IT support, our support team is based in Melbourne, with skilled and experienced IT professionals from a range of specialised backgrounds at the ready to help you. Many of our team members hold master’s degrees and specialised training in areas like server configuration, software design, digital security and more. Our friendly team use clear language, make things simple and provide alternatives for when things go wrong. With our remote services, we can respond instantly during business hours to your requests for help.

To go one further, unlike other Australian remote IT support teams, we’re based in Melbourne and provide onsite IT support when necessary. When things drastically go wrong, or when training and support in person is better suited, we’re centrally located for a quick response. We strive to minimise downtimes, improve efficiency and relations within your organisation, and by having an IT support member you can rely on nearby, we’re well-equipped to achieve that for you.

Last but not least, you can get the in-house IT team feeling with managed IT services. Managed IT services are fixed price, meaning remote IT teams work harder to provide long-term solutions to problems to minimise their callout frequency. They strive to build systems that make training and support straightforward and automate system upgrades where possible. We give you the flexibility of outsourced IT support, with the familiarity and team-like relationship that you would get from a dedicated onsite IT support worker.

Find more information about humanIT’s onsite and remote Melbourne IT support services here.

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