humanIT have been providing full spectrum IT services for over 15 years. We cover everything from long-term strategy through to on-the-ground project management and ongoing IT support services. In addition to our alignIT framework, our service offering includes a range of managed IT services, to help your organisation operate efficiently, securely and reliably.

IT Strategy and Consulting Services

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We believe in a thoughtful and considerate approach to IT strategy, implementation and support services.
Our team specialise in creating custom IT solutions that fit your business perfectly, ensuring that your investment in IT strategy and infrastructure does more than just solve an immediate problem – it provides room for you to grow.

IT Strategy Development

Through a series of workshops with your leadership team, humanIT will help you identify where operating efficiencies can be created as well as risks that require mitigation.


Our strategic capabilities include:

IT Governance

Improving Service Delivery

Improving Client Experience

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Workforce Collaboration and Mobility

Application Selection and Integration

Process Automation

Analytics and Reporting

Infrastructure Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Following the IT Strategy Development workshops, we will then work through developing a project roadmap, designing your IT architecture and infrastructure, security assessment and disaster recovery planning, capacity planning and infrastructure risk assessment.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about this process.

IT Project Management Services

The team at humanIT are also available to design, plan and drive a number of IT projects. Some of the types of projects that we have the capacity to work on include:

Software development

Digital development

System integration and process automation

Workforce collaboration

Building integrated analytics and reporting systems

System implementation


System availability and performance


Cloud integration

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Desktop, laptop and mobile deployment

humanIT Project Management

The humanIT team provide project management services with every project that we work on. Our methodology has been developed from PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) which allows our consultants to approach projects in a methodical manner which minimises the risks of oversights and errors.

Change Management

Cascading new functionality into an organisation required careful change management that balances the rapid realisation of project benefits with your organisation’s ability to cope with change. For every IT project that humanIT work on, we design and lead a change management initiative that is designed to up-skill your team, ensure that new technology is utilised efficiently and effectively, and that the transition to the new technology is smooth and transparent.

Cloud Computing Services

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure fit-for-purpose solutions are implemented. This includes clients just starting their transition to cloud services, to clients with some cloud services already in place. We can assist implementing cloud computing solutions that make data accessible anywhere, anytime without compromising on data security.

IT Support Services

Fast, reliable and unlimited IT support services that you can depend on. We focus on educating your team to use technology well while responding to their technical issues efficiently.

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humanIT offer a full range of IT support solutions and services which can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation. As a Microsoft Silver Partner we can also assist with Office 365 consulting and implementation.

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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services and managed IT support is an outsourced IT service. It provides you with all the benefits of an in-house team without the associated overhead costs. HumanIT’s managed IT services provide you with the specialty expertise of an outsourced provider, with the commitment of an inhouse team member. Our team are all based in Melbourne and provide a mix of phone, remote and on-site IT services and support for our clients.

Our managed IT services consists of more than just IT support. We provide system training, implement system upgrades, maintenance and can even plan upgrades to improve your capabilities with minimise downtime. Based centrally in Melbourne, we can provide quick-response services to your organisation the moment a problem occurs. With the latest cloud software solutions, our team can even provide support, training and schedule maintenance with greater flexibility for your office.

Why Managed IT services?

Managed IT services suit organisations big and small. Smaller organisations get access to a team of professionals with specialist knowledge to attend to each problem quicker and more effectively than a single IT team member could. Larger organisations get the flexibility of contracted IT support with the commitment of an inhouse IT support team, plus scalability to suit them as their operations change.

How to choose a Managed IT service provider?

A good Managed IT provider should have a team of experts from a broad range of fields so they can attend to any problem you throw at them. HumanIT employs a team of seasoned IT professionals from a range of specialised fields, including software design, IT security, cloud computing, server design and more. Our team collaborates closely with your organisation to develop long-term solutions to common IT problems, much like an inhouse IT professional would.

Your managed IT service provider should also be flexible with your requirements. You might already have a competent team member who can attend to software updates or training but may still need a professional to take care of IT security. Good managed IT service providers work with you and stay flexible with your requirements as they change over time.

What is Cloud Managed IT?

Cloud Managed IT involves the use of Cloud software suites (like Office 365) to implement security, maintenance, training and support with greater convenience and flexibility. By using cloud software, we can schedule maintenance for your entire fleet with the click of a button, train staff with customised intranet portals, provide personalised support with screen sharing and video conference calling. We can attend to routine support issues more swiftly and see security concerns in real time.

Plus, Cloud suites like Office 365 give you the latest up to date range of Microsoft Office software.

What do Managed IT Services cost?

Managed IT services are a fixed fee, calculated based on your IT equipment, organisation size and other factors. By keeping your costs fixed instead of charging for callouts and assistance whenever you need it, it is in a Managed IT service provider’s best interests to implement solutions that prevent IT faults for the long term.

Plus, Cloud suites like Office 365 give you the latest up to date range of Microsoft Office software.


Why should non-profits choose managed IT service?

Non-profits bring their own unique challenges and requirements when it comes to IT infrastructure. Older hardware can cause increased operational difficulties, and a reliance on volunteers means strategic IT training and security measures need to be implemented. With humanIT’s managed IT services, you can expect quicker response times to your problems, long-term solutions and advanced security measures designed by specialised IT security experts.

Further, with the discounts on offer from software providers for not-for-profits, Cloud Managed IT is becoming an increasingly viable alternative to in-house IT.

Plus, Cloud suites like Office 365 give you the latest up to date range of Microsoft Office software.