Keeping your team’s passwords secure has never been easier with digital security solution LastPass. As one of the best password managers on the market right now, with unsurpassed security features and ease of use, LastPass can improve your organisation’s security – read on to learn more about LastPass and enterprise password management systems.

What is a Password Manager and why do I need one?

Password Managers have really taken off in the last few years as ways of keeping passwords more secure. For some time now, it’s been drilled into us to update our passwords regularly, use complex combinations, and not share passwords between different platforms. Although these are great strategies to prevent getting hacked, it creates an obvious problem: how do you remember all those complex passwords you keep changing every few months?

Keeping your passwords on a piece of paper or spreadsheet is ill-advised, because it basically throws all the security measures you’ve taken out the window. Instead, password managers are a much more secure solution. They act much like a bank vault, stashed entirely with those pieces of paper you left your passwords on. They’ll usually require a master password that you have to remember but allow you to login with the press of a single button, all while keeping your password much more secure than your browser, a spreadsheet or a piece of paper ever could.

Why choose LastPass?

LastPass works like a lot of other password managers, but we’ve found it to provide the best combination of features, high-end security, pricing and useability.

LastPass features include:

  • PBKDF2-SHA256 Master key encryption
  • Browser extensions to autofill passwords
  • Generate strong new passwords automatically
  • Store other sensitive data like WiFi passwords, payment details, addresses and more
  • Management of user permissions with security reports for managers
  • ‘No-knowledge’ security model
  • Integration with over 1,200+ software platforms
  • Share credentials inside and outside the organisation without compromising security or sharing passwords

Our clients also love LastPass for the fantastic discounts they offer to non-profits, available through ConnectingUp.

Unbeatable security:

The first thing we love about LastPass is its enhanced security features that many competitors don’t provide. Generally, it’s ill-advised to put all your eggs in one basket when storing passwords, but the security initiatives LastPass have in place make it practically unbreakable. LastPass operates on a ‘no-knowledge’ security philosophy, and its encryption methods reflect this. Your LastPass master password is encrypted locally on your devices. This means that LastPass staff cannot recover or reset your password, even if you forget it. Likewise, they don’t know anything about what you store.

There are very few ways to recover a master password, and they all involve authentication from the user’s side. The master password must also meet a number of requirements to ensure it is as secure as possible. All these pose hurdles if you forget your password, but with only one to remember, these hurdles are a much bigger pain for any would-be hackers.

Most password managers allow you to quickly generate randomised passwords for different sites and platforms. LastPass is no different, but this is a great feature for using sites where password security is especially important. Some of our clients opt to change their passwords to their most serious platforms, like internet banking, every time they use it because it is so easy. And as soon as you’ve changed it, LastPass will update and remember it for the future!

As a testament to their commitment to password security, LastPass conducts regular audits and penetration tests, offer a bug bounty program to external security testers, and release transparent incident reports when they occur.

Ease of use:

One of the most commonly used password managers, LastPass has integrated itself for use in over 1,200 platforms. Plus, LastPass offers browser integration, allowing for quick one-button logins to any site, without the security risks posed by using conventional ‘remember password’ functionality in web browsers.

LastPass is so incredibly easy to use and manage. Nearly anyone can pick it up naturally, but when we professionally setup LastPass enterprise software, we’ll run teams through how to use the various features. The beauty of LastPass is how discrete it is; for most employees, all they’ll need to worry about is logging in – and after that’s done, LastPass is out of sight and out of mind.

Implementing LastPass:

HumanIT are experienced in the integration and setup of LastPass to meet the unique requirements of non-profit organisations. We take care of team training and carefully analyse our client’s systems to ensure LastPass is integrated perfectly to suit their existing software and maximise convenience. Send us an enquiry to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly team of IT experts.

For the ultimate in password security, combine a password management system with multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your systems. More information about MFA can be read on one of our earlier blogs!

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