Keeping your audience engaged as your organisation grows is important to ensure continued revenue for your cause. The Blackbaud Institute recently found that millennials donate the least out of all age demographics, but that when they do donate, it is most likely going to be via a mobile device. This is a clear sign that if the social sector wants to increase their donations by attracting younger generations, they are going to need to look at integrating technology into their communications.

In this article, we are looking at some of the simple changes that NFPs and social organisations can make to start attracting younger and tech savvy doners.

Mobile Websites:

Focusing on having a well-functioning mobile site with information about your charity, your mission and goals conveyed in a manner that keeps audiences engaged and emotionally attached to your cause is essential.

With more charities directing prospective donors to donate online exclusively, donations are becoming less and less focused on point of sale, and more on continuous engagement with the client. Donors that have gone to your mobile site expect it to be secure and highly functional, balanced with content that keeps them interested, but doesn’t overload them with information.

Payment Options:

In addition to having secure and user-friendly payment options on your mobile website, you should also consider the purchasing behaviour and socio-economic status of your target audience, and integrate solutions to suit. Casual, contract and freelance work situations are much more common amongst younger demographics, so smaller fortnightly donations might be more achievable for them, as opposed to large one-off payments. This is the reason that apps such as AfterPay and ZipPay have been so popular with this demographic.


Another donation method your organisation might be looking at in the near future involves blockchain technology – if you’re targeting tech-savvy donors, or an audience that wants anonymity with their donation, having the option to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash could help boost revenue and drastically reduce your transaction times.

Instilling Trust:

In the information age, more and more donors are asking for organisational transparency; they want to know how, when and where their donation is being spent. Blockchain technology can help your organisation in this department as well – because cryptocurrency transactions are kept in a public register, people can see exactly where their payments end up, giving confidence to donors that their money is contributing in the manner they intended.

Continued Engagement and IT Frameworks:

Multi-channel engagement with brands is the new normal – this means that people are more likely to interact or engage with your brand and organisation on multiple platforms, using multiple devices before they commit to your cause. This means that it is important that you are across all possible channels, from a website and social media channels through to email marketing, SMS blasts and even podcasts. Individually, these touchpoints might not drive an increase in young donors, but collectively, all these different channels work together to present one unified brand and message.

Keeping track of all the different audiences on all the different channels can be difficult but imperative for understanding where your marketing resources are best spent for maximum impact. Implementing a strong IT strategy framework can help you automate and track a lot of your regular marketing activities, identifying areas for improvement and helping you keep track of how your IT solutions are performing.

Increase Your Reach:

We are a non-profit IT services company and we believe that technology and intelligent IT solutions can be leveraged by the social sector to increase reach, reduce operational costs and achieve greater results. You can learn more about our managed IT services and strategic IT framework by checking out our alignIT Framework.

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