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As more organisations shift away from conventional outsourced IT teams to remote managed IT services while also using technology more in their daily operations, remote IT support software is becoming a vital part of solving technical problems. Remote IT support software allows for more efficient responses to IT problems than conventional teams can provide, also minimising costs in the process. Read on as we discuss the best remote IT support software of 2019.

Using Remote Support Software:

Remote support software has helped the expansion of remote managed services (RMS) offerings from IT support companies, who conventionally came into the office to fix each problem as it arose, costing some organisations a small fortune. RMS software allows IT support companies to provide better service and spend less resources when training and assisting their clients. If you would like a better idea of RMS in action, check out our recent blog ‘What are managed IT services‘.

But in addition to RMS, remote support software can be a vital tool for training and assisting members of your organisation either remotely or within the office. Depending on the size and scope of your non-profit, you might have volunteers working on the other side of the country who have very little familiarity with your IT systems. With tools like TeamViewer, you can control their screen and show them what to do, all while having a discussion over a voice conference call.

Office 365:

For most organisations, Office 365 is the only software package they need to work productively, collaborate, organise files and train new staff. As a provider of Office 365 RMS arrangements for non-profits of various sizes, we can lay testament to the sheer versatility it provides for both our clients and our support teams. Microsoft also has fantastic low-cost Office 365 packages available for non-profits.

But it’s not just a great productivity suite; the features included in Office 365 allow for easy training of remote staff as well as efficient remote support from your IT team as part of an RMS arrangement. Training remote staff with Office 365, or using Office 365 to train your remote staff on other software and work tasks is simple. Tools like Sharepoint allow for secure collaboration on live documents, plus private intranet portals can be set up to help with the on-boarding process or to submit support tickets to your RMS provider. If more visual learning or voice instructions are needed, Microsoft Teams allows for voice or video meetings with up to 250 attendees.

The key benefit of using a software package like Office 365 is that it all integrates perfectly. You don’t have piles of different remote management software (which can be resource-straining at the best of times) getting in the way of things. Office 365 is designed for maximum versatility with minimal complexity. Your IT support team can remotely schedule upgrades or apply settings across your entire fleet of Office 365 devices. With mobile device manager, they can even remotely wipe data for any lost or stolen devices in an instant.

Remote IT Support


TeamViewer was once a classic, rudimentary tool for IT professionals to control another computer so they could assist with IT problems or get a better idea of what their client was describing. Today, it’s still widely used but carries a bunch of new features to cope in the modern IT environment, where cloud computing and mobile devices are the norm. TeamViewer still allows IT support and training staff to handhold anyone in need by remotely viewing their screen, but it also has an abundance of other features, including:

  • File transfer
  • Video conferences
  • Multi-user viewing
  • Cross-platform viewing
  • 256-bit encrypted screen sharing

Put simply, there is not much you can’t do with TeamViewer, but that versatility comes at an expense. As of October 2019, plans start at $48 and go all the way up to $170, depending on how many users you intend to use it with. Fortunately, TeamViewer offers non-profit pricing plans with direct enquiries, which are subject to the structure and size of your organisation.

While TeamViewer is a fantastic remote support program for viewing and accessing systems remotely, we recommend it in very specific circumstances. If you’ve got a steadily growing team that require regular training, or simply use complex software that seems to always cause problems, TeamViewer may be the software for you. If, however, you simply want remote managed services like software updates, the in-built software in packages like Office 365 may suit your organisation better. Software like Microsoft Teams, which is included in Office 365, is increasingly reducing the competitive advantage that TeamViewer has.

Zoho Assist:

Zoho Assist is a web-based remote support software package which functions similar to TeamViewer, while more simplified and user friendly. Zoho Assist provides two options for support: guided support with screen viewing and access, or unattended support, which is handy. Session scheduling is included, allowing RMS providers to assist your team at the most convenient time, or take care of a problem remotely when people are out of the office.

Zoho Assist would perhaps best suit larger organisations where smaller IT problems pop up more frequently. With their ticketing system for problems, a dedicated remote IT support worker could tackle problems that your team faces more efficiently. The unattended support could prove useful for more complex and time-consuming problems, or it could be used to update software and change settings, though this could be time consuming. Software packages like Office 365 allow for remote scheduling of updates across an entire fleet of equipment automatically, which would be more favourable.

What Remote Support Software is best for my Organisation?

This will all obviously depend on the structure of your organisation and what kind of software you use. If your team mainly relies on Office products, for example, switching to the cloud-based Office 365 is a no-brainer. Office 365 offers many inbuilt features, and with the low pricing available for non-profits, it really makes the most sense for 99% of organisations, regardless of their size.

On the other hand, a package like Zoho Assist or TeamViewer is fantastic for solving more complex problems that require remote screen access. Zoho Assist and TeamViewer are a fantastic choice for supporting your remote team with training as well.

If your organisation is considering a switch to remote managed services, get in touch with humanIT. In addition to setting up custom Office 365 installations for non-profit organisations small and large, we roll out equipment, plan technology roadmaps, and even develop in-house solutions to your problems to ensure your not-for-profit runs as smoothly as possible.

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