Our alignIT Framework is an IT governance framework tool that we have developed to help organisations leverage technology and IT solutions to create great business and customer outcomes.


This creates a technology ecosystem that is clearly aligned with your purpose while also being designed to build capacity, upskill your workforce and increase performance. When executed properly, this IT strategy & governance framework will help organisations not only implement an effective IT strategy that increases their social impact, but also invest in the skills needed to execute it while also leading it properly with good governance.

We challenge the status quo,
think differently, and build
your technology capability

The alignIT
Strategic Framework


sustainability and capability within your organisation


greater empowerment choice and outcomes for every individual and community you support


with more people who need the services you provide

We’ve developed an IT governance
framework for you to easily
craft an IT strategy.

it governance framework

Talk with us about what we
can achieve together

Wintringham is a specialised welfare company that provides housing and care to elderly, frail men and women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Seeing a need to operate efficiently as well as mitigate risk, Wintringham sought out humanIT

Through an ongoing partnership, humanIT has enhanced Wintringham as a whole, creating better processes, transparency and outcomes.


Solid, diverse skillset, reliable, responsive, cost effective. That’s how I would describe humanIT.
It’s why they’re our Go-To when we need IT help.

Michael Deschepper (CFO)

Some of our other amazing clients

Foundation for Young Australians
Bio Gro
Domestic Violence Management Service
Become a Bricklayer
Geelong Performing Arts Centre
Animals Australia
Melbourne Recital Centre
Melba Support Services

Strategy. Transformation. Impact.

We’ve developed a framework
for you to easily craft an IT

Hitnet are a Social Enterprise who, through a clever use of interactive technology, reach aboriginal communities across Australia. They provide educational games and video content on a range of issues affecting these communities, delivered through digital touch-screen hubs.

humanIT was brought in to keep this network of hubs working, updated and thriving.

We are 100% dedicated to not-
for-profits and social

We believe purpose driven organisations have the
capability to solve our global challenges and create
significant positive impact, sustainably and profitably

Children’s Ground are a Not-for-Profit dedicated to working with Aboriginal communities in Australia. With a mess of software and hardware scattered across the country, an IT strategy was necessary for the sustainability of the organisation.

humanIT provided just that and Children’s Ground are now thriving.

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