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Fix your internal operations.

Boost your social impact.

Everything we do enables Not-for-Profit & social sector organisations to become effective, efficient and maximise social impact.

Partner with us and we will:

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Align Your IT To Your Purpose

  • IT should be removing the obstacles between your organisation’s promise and its beneficiaries. Never creating new ones.
  • Leverage our 8 strategic capabilities to fix your internal operations and boost your social impact.
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Take IT Issues Off Your Plate

  • Whether your IT Infrastructure is in-house or in the cloud we’ll keep it secure, available and performing well so your team can rely on it.
  • With over 15 years of experience, you can stop worrying about it and focus on the more important things.
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Deliver Results You Can See and Use

  • Your IT solutions should produce meaningful and practical outcomes. The system may be complex but the outputs should be simple.
  • Hold your IT to task. Demand more. We’ll help you create and measure social impact and demonstrate results to help you secure and attract funding.

A solid and diverse skillset. Reliable, responsive, cost-effective.

That’s how I would describe Human IT.

It’s why they’re our go-to when we need IT help.

Michael Deschepper, CFO at Wintringham (Aged Care Services)


IT Support IT Solutions Melbourne

Human IT is a Certified B Corp

A Profit-for-Purpose approach is in our DNA. Becoming a B Corp is more than adding a label to our business. It brings with it a set of values, beliefs and optimism for the future. B Corp certification validates our mission and pushes us, and the world, further towards the new economy.


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it support it solutions melbourne
it support it solutions melbourne
it support it solutions melbourne
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it support it solutions melbourne

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